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24. September 2009 – 21. January 2010

21. January 2010: Programing Languages

I can provide the following programming languages skills:

  1. C++, Objective-C, C: Very good knowledge through permanent usage in current projects.
  2. Perl: Good knowledge through current maintenance-projects (not only scripts but also object-oriented projects).
  3. Java: Good knowledge with project experience (Eclipse-Plugins).
  4. JavaScript: Basic knowledge through web development and the MicroCrypt library.
  5. ksh, sh, bash, awk: Basic knowledge through daily scripts.
  6. AppleScript, Ruby, VB.Net: Basic knowlege.
  7. Smalltalk, Scheme: poor Knowledge.

The following languages intrest me. I want to deepen my knowledge in them:

  1. Ruby, as a rapid prototyping replacement for C++, Objective-C and C.
  2. Smalltalk, as a base for a new programming language.
  3. Scheme because of its simplicity.
19. December 2009

Our chess program iGrandMaster was released yesterday evening in the App Store.

iGrandMater Screenshot

Compared with other chess programs for iPhone and iPod Touch we use many features that distinguish these from other mobile devices. Rotating the device changes the presentation or shaking the device undos moves, to name just two.

10. November 2009

A new version of our PinManager module is available for the iPhone SDK. It supports a configurable tint color for the navigation bar and transparent boxes.

21. October 2009

More than 300,000 copies of applications that I developed were downloaded from Apple's App Store.

A big thank you to all users.

24. September 2009

I created an English version of this page. Due to my limited language abilities (at least in natural languages ;–)) the information differs from the german version.

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