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iOS Development

Realizing your Ideas

Do you have a great idea for an iPhone application? Or do you want to create an iPad app? I can assist you in planning and development. Release the resulting application in Apples App Store under your own name.

I develop applications for Apple Macintosh since 1990 and 22 iOS-Apps were released in the App Store that I created at least partly.


The following applications are released under my name:

Poor Mans Tethering

Poor Mans Tethering allows to send and receive files via e-mail if your Mac/PC is not connected to the internet. The files will be copied to the App with iTunes and the App can send them as e-mail attachements.

App Store badge

iLocalCrypt is an application for storing your PINs and passwords securely on the iPhone or iPod Touch. This web application uses database and offline extensions of HTML5. You can start the applaciton at www.kna-st.de/iLocalCrypt/.

Beer Counter

Replaces the marks on beer pads in pubs. You can keep an overview over the consumed beers by counting them with this application. The homepage is www.beercounter.org.

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Gives a list of all fonts that are installed on your device. This was my second iPhone application. For the first application (the Beer Counter) I needed a nice font. So I wanted to know which font were installed on my iPhone.

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Sends patterns of all your telephone numbers to an email address. This application is based on a client's project. This application was created to analyse problems in parsing and calling telephone numbers, this application was created.

To honor privacy, only abstract patterns are sent, not the numbers. All digits are replaced by '9' and all alphabetic letters by 'z'. Repeating chars will be combined to regular expressions.

This application can be downloaded at iTunes.

The following application was created with xenoon GmbH and released under YaNiRo:


weblinks is a PIN-locked bookmark list. In combination with the restrictions of Safari you can decide, which pages can be viewed with your iPhone or iPod Touch.


iGrandMaster is a computer chess program. With the engine of the award winning PocketGrandmaster we created a chess program, that directly supports the features of iPhone and iPod Touch.